Do You Take My Insurance?

Dental Insurance Accepted - Fair, Conservative Dentistry

"Do you take my dental insurance?"

Most likely, yes.

Almost always you can use your insurance to go to any dental office you choose.   Some insurance companies have signed up certain dentists willing to accept lower fees in exchange for steering you to those dental offices.  They induce people to use those dentists by reducing deductibles or patient payments there.  But you can choose any dentist - from their 'list' or not on their 'list'.      Dental offices that are highest quality and less sales-oriented usually don’t participate in these 'lists'.        A very few insurance plans contract and will only pay for services at a 'closed list' of dental clinics; if you have one of these plans you must go to their 'closed list' to get any benefits.

We are a Premier provider for ODS/MODA (Oregon Dental Service/MODA is the Oregon component of Delta Dental).  Many dentists in Oregon are participants in ODS/MODA: the company is owned by our dental association and is the leader in providing fair and consistent dental benefits.  As participating dentists we agree to an approved fee schedule for services. 


After your visit in our office, we will send your claim to your dental insurance for you, and receive their payments directly; so you are only responsible to us for the costs your insurance does not pay.

Before treatment is begun, we will calculate your specific benefits so you may make decisions best for you concerning treatment alternatives and timing.  Over time, dental insurance is most beneficial to you with regular dental visits. 


Dental Insurance is a nice benefit to have.  A significant number of people don’t have dental insurance including those who are retired, self-employed, and many whose employers who do not offer this benefit.  More people don’t have dental insurance than don't have medical insurance, because they are really very different things:

Medical insurance covers a higher percentage of your costs with the more medical needs you have. Plans cover nearly every medical need. Because of the possibility of massive medical bills, medical insurance is quite expensive and increasing every year.  Most medical doctors participate in insurance networks with wildly different fee schedules.

Dental insurance is more accurately a money reimbursement plan, which covers a lower percentage the more dental needs you have.  It is much cheaper for an employer to purchase because of the 'annual maximum benefit', meaning they will deny all benefits after a set amount is paid for you that year.  Different dental plans vary widely on what they cover and deny as benefits.  Fewer dentists participate in dental insurance networks.

Let us help you understand the specifics of your dental insurance contract so you can best utilize your benefits.