Saving Money

 Your Personal Dental Office - Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro

No coupons here, why?

Because businesses use coupons to get their customers in more frequently so they can sell them additional goods and services. That's good for their business, but you don't want your dental office playing that game.
Our philosophy of ethical dental care is to recommend just what you need for optimum dental health--no more, no less. We treat you just like we would one of our own families.  It has worked for us for over 60 years.

The best way to save money is having regular preventive visits (cleaning and examination) in our office.  
Our hygienists provide very thorough cleanings.  Whether you have healthy gums or some stage of gum disease, having excellent cleanings to prevent advancing gum disease is the most cost effective use of your limited funds.
Regular examinations including x-rays can discover minor dental issues and treat them with much less cost than after they become larger and more involved dental problems.  In fact, many treatments costing thousands of dollars could have been treated for a fraction of that amount if discovered earlier.

It's easy to put off regular dental care.  But in the long run, regular cleanings and examinations will save you money.

We know dental fees seem high.  But, there are almost always options for dental treatment that have a wide range of costs.  It is often possible to do intervention treatments that will prevent conditions from worsening now, and delay the more ideal and long term restorations for a later time.  We like to save teeth, but even the loss of a tooth as an alternative to more costly procedures is better than living with pain and infection and possibly damaging other teeth too. Usually the lost tooth can be replaced in the future.  So please let us know your situation so we can help you decide the best treatment options for you now.

Also, we offer a 4% discount for full payment by the time treatment is completed.