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Some people really fear dental treatment.  Maybe because of a bad experience in the past, or maybe just being very sensitive to dental treatment. But for these people dental treatment is too often avoided!  We have a few solutions to make your visit a more pleasant experience.

1.  Nitrous Oxide inhalation.  Breathing a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen through a nose cone provides relaxation and reduced anxiety to many people.  Advantages are quick onset and quick recovery.  Not for some people who won't tolerate a cover over their nose or don't breath well through their nose; or for long appointments. 


2. Light sedation.  Taking a small pill by mouth allows patients to be relaxed and comfortable through an entire dental visit.  When Dr. Alder & Dr. Mitchell use light sedation, you don’t really fall asleep even though sometimes it feels like you did. You will be responsive at all times and breath regularly.  The sedation feels relaxing and peaceful and you may hardly notice the passing of time. 

The effects of the sedation medication take a few hours to totally wear off so you must have someone else transport you home.  You should plan only quiet activity at home after your dental appointment.  We will review all safety precautions with you.

Benefits include fewer appointments needed, less stress and worry, and less discomfort after treatment due to the cooperation and relaxation experienced during treatment.


If either method seems desirable to you, please discuss it with us.  There are risks to any medication, but these risks may be outweighed by the benefits of having dental treatment done before it becomes more extensive and expensive. 


3.  Don't feel relaxation or sedation is necessary?  We really try to make every visit comfortable.  Some things we can do for you (be sure to ask!):

  • Stereo headphones with your own music you bring, or our iPod with a large selection of music you control
  • Take off your shoes
  • Take breaks during your treatment to rest your jaw or body
  • Sunglasses to diminish the bright light
  • Lip Balm applied often
  • Signal to the Doctor that you want to stop for any reason


Contact us today to learn how the sedation dentistry services from our Beaverton dental office can make treatment for anxious patients a comfortable and quick experience. We welcome patients seeking dental treatment with sedation from our neighboring communities, such as Portland and Hillsboro.




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