Family Dentistry

Beaverton Family Dentists

What is 'Family Dentistry'? 

We see numerous benefits providing care for your entire family.  Our experience is with the youngest children all the way to those who have lived a full life.  We can reinforce the encouragement needed for a child at a parent's appointment.  We will better understand the challenges one member of the family may experience for a myriad of reasons.  Knowing your family helps us provide the personalized care you desire.  We like to say 'the family that brushes and flosses together stays together'.

We Offer Dental Care in a New 'Family Dental Suite'

One of our treatment rooms is larger in size with a loveseat, lamp, wi-fi, and electrical outlet right in the same room as the dental chair.  Great for siblings, parents, or grandparents who would benefit from being part of the dental experience.  Ask to use our 'family suite'!