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Post-Op Temporary Crown

Post-Op Temporary Crown

You are now wearing a provisional or “temporary” restoration. 

There are two main reasons for wearing this temporary restoration.  First, to protect your tooth and keep it comfortable.  Second, to keep your teeth from shifting ever so slightly that would affect the fit of your final restoration.

Now the details:

The final restoration will be custom fit to your tooth and is a very precise fit.  The temporary is a less accurate fit and less retentive.  In fact, we will throw it away after your next appointment.

The final restoration will be permanently cemented and you WON’T be able to get it off.  The temporary is held on with a weak cement (so we can remove it at your next appointment) and you CAN get it off.  Your instructions to decrease this possibility are:

1.   No sticky food or crunchy foods.  Gum, caramels, nuts and other similar foods are off the diet until your next appointment.  Chewing on the other side is generally recommended.

2.   Gentle brushing and flossing is encouraged.  Please use the floss we provided you and place it sown between your teeth and pull it out the side.  Do NOT bring the floss back out through the top as this could lift your temporary off.  Your other teeth and gums will benefit from continued "normal" flossing.

3.   If your temporary crown does come off, often you can replace it and your saliva can help it stay.  (Your temporary will only fit on your tooth one way.)  If this doesn’t work give us a call and we may have you come in to recement it.

Next visit:

This is a much easier appointment consisting of removing the temporary, confirming the fit and color, and cementing the permanent crown.  Some patients choose not to get numb for this appointment.  We’ll discuss this when you arrive.

Your tooth may be sensitive with the temporary and until a short time after the permanent crown is cemented.  It has just been worked on and the seal of the temporary is not perfect. The nerve can become a bit inflammed and act hypersensitive compared to normal.  This will pass and the gums around the tooth will return to health soon.



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