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Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera – Modern Dental Equipment in Beaverton/Portland/Hillsboro

In addition to digital x-rays, we utilize Intraoral Camera's to make a thorough and accurate diagnosis, and show you what we see.

Our cameras are able to take photographs and video images of your teeth, gums, and other mouth structures.  The cameras 'zoom in' to see very small details.  With a ring of tiny LED lights around the lens, the images are clear and allow better vision than by eyes alone. We can see more accurately situations like broken fillings, plaque deposits, cracked teeth, cavities and excessive wear; at diagnosis and during treatment.

The best part is now you can see what we see.  Instead of just telling you what we see, we can together study the high quality images on a computer monitor right in front of you.  The pictures are truly worth 'a thousand words'. You are able to make a confident decision on your treatment options.

These images become part of your clinical record.  They may be useful years later.  We can refer to them when you are not in our office.  Dr Alder and Dr Mitchell meet weekly to review your diagnosis and completed treatments.  These images are invaluable in these reviews. 

We can also send these images to your computer if you desire; we can send them to specialists for 2nd opinions, consultations, and referrals; we can send them to insurance companies for better descriptions of treatments performed.  

With digital x-rays that see right through teeth and the surrounding bone AND our Intraoral camera's showing close-up details including hard to see areas, Dr. Alder and Dr. Mitchell are better able to assess your clinical conditions and determine the right treatment to recommend.  Seeing these images helps you to be better informed. 

For more information on how our Intraoral Camera's can help create an advanced treatment plan for you, contact our office today.


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