Beaverton Dentist Review - Beaverton, Portland, and Hillsboro Dental Patient Testimonials


We recommend Dr Alder and Dr Mitchell for excellent dental care. I had a challenging situation that had never been fixed right. They took x-rays, photographs, and stone replicas of my teeth; then consulted with some other doctors, and gave me a plan different than what had been done before. Now my mouth finally feels right, I chew comfortably and without worry. The thorough process sure helped me!
Jonathan B.

Dr Alder works quickly, my appointments are always less time than my previous dentist. This is great for me, because I really don't like being a dental patient. I only needed two visits, and they both went easy.
Mark P.

My husband, kids, and parents have been going to Drs' Alder and Mitchell for over 5 years now. We enjoy the clean, up to date office and friendly staff. Mostly we like that they aren't pushy with things to do. My son had had been recommended a lot of fillings on his baby teeth, but Dr Mitchell showed us how those teeth would be lost soon and the treatment wasn't really needed. The teeth came out in a few months, he was right, and we saved hundreds of dollars.
Beth and Sam M.